The course to more resilience

Being aware of your emotions and managing them in the best way possible requires daily practice for all of us. Especially when times get tough, emotional resilience and mental wellbeing gain importance. Only with these aspects, challenges in life can be met successfully. 

Resilience: a definition 

The word resilience, in physics, points to an object being quickly able to bounce back into its original position after being deformed. With regard to human beings, resilience means the capability to recover from or adjust to tough experiences 

Mindful Emotion Coaching – The program 

Mindful Emotion Coaching is an open learning online course with the goal to strengthen resilience and mental wellbeing. Methods applied include neuroscientific research on brain development, interactions between people and awareness. 

The course is divided in 5 modules. You will hereby gain knowledge and insight into the following:
  • Dan Siegel – The Hand Model
  • John Gottman – Five Steps of Emotion Caching
  • John Gottman – Relationship Styles
  • Mindful activities
Why you should choose this program 

Mindful Emotion Coaching is a training program that has collaborated with individuals, schools and communities alike. Over thousand people are currently involved in the course. Thus, it is not only successful, but also prominent. With the assistance of four highly skilled teachers, you gain the best experience and learnings from this program. You can enrol anytime to this class, so it is totally flexible to your own schedule. Moreover, the course is for free! 

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