Confidence = Courage To Win

At the end of the day, we all have our certain goals and dreams. Sometimes, we tend to settle for a life below these standards. Fear is a main reason why. At times, it may not even be so much the fear to fail, but the fear of what happens when we actually succeed.

When Lisa Lane Brown confronts us with the opposite of this fear, which is confidence, she wants you to tackle the big ones. The big dreams, goals, and anything that so far hindered you to reach it.

Confidence is …. 

Confidence, in that regard, is becoming a person of action. No matter if you want to create financial freedom, perform your best in business or be a champion in sports. Confidence is daring to triumph – not in absence of setbacks, but despite of them! 

The only thing holding you back is – you 

According to Brown, as to many other authors, trainers or coaches, we’re most likely the one person holding ourselves back from success. We all have our excuses or ‘reasons’. 

Therefore, step one of this confidence program is a 30-second confidential quiz that reveals your #1 block to success and how to eliminate them. This free test results in a short video, giving you individual advice on effective strategies to confront your personal block to confidence in your own success.

Some counterparts of success explained by Brown include: 

1. Self-pity – we’re protesting in our mind that we have a problem. “I should NOT have to deal with this!”

2. Emotional suppression – we’re suppressing our fears about the problem (and intensifying them in the process). “I’m not afraid!”

3. Disowning desires – we’re pretending that winning is not important to us. “He didn’t call, but I realized he’s not the guy for me anyway.”

4. Pride – we’re refusing to admit we don’t have the skills needed to solve the problem. “I’ve got this.”

Why you should choose The Courage to Win 

Lisa Lane Brown is a former elite athlete who struggled with confidence swings herself. “One week I felt invincible; the next, my confidence came crashing down. It really hurt me all the time”, she describes on her website. So in order to achieve her own set goals, she went on a journey to find out what was blocking her and at the same time, what high achievers were doing right. 

About the program

If you can relate to any of the above, Brown’s discoveries may be of interest to you. Nobody as yourself knows better where you may still feel inadequate and which area in your life requires a little confidence boost. No matter the answer, you may want to give a try The Courage to Win®  a try.

The Courage to Win® ADVANCED 30 Day Training Program is a four week program consisting of four video training sessions (one each week for 30 days) and online training assignments in between these sessions.

During the online training sessions, you follow a step-by-step proven system for fine-tuning your ‘courage formula’. The corresponding training materials include audio and video trainings, as well as written tutorials. Hereby you can focus in a fun and inspirational way on your own courage formula. 

In case you need a sprinkle more motivation …

… some words of Brown to get you into it: 

“If you isolate one thing about high achievers—the one thing that has put them at the peak of success above anything and everything else–it is their inner game of courage.” 

So, stop the excuses and unleash your inner courage