Changing Habits for a healthier lifestyle

It is what you do on a daily basis, not once in a while, that changes the direction of your life. Therefore, if you want to lead a healthier life, full of energy and happiness, changing some habits may be a good start. 

Bad habits or good habits? 

It’s tricky. “My habits actually make me feel good”, you may say. “I enjoy the food I eat and to rather sleep an hour longer than to workout. My body does not want to get up early in the morning, so this is probably healthier for me. I’m just no too much of a vegetable person.” – If what you believe about yourself sounds like this or similar, you may still …. one ore two bad habits. Obviously, a little comfort food once in a while is not a bad thing. However, your daily nutrition should not consist of it. 

Good habits may feel hard to implement at first. Depending on your current lifestyle, you are introducing your body to change and there is always a certain resistance to change in the beginning. You are literally restructuring your brain and body cells by introducing them to better habits. However, studies suggest that after a period of 90 days, your body is totally adapted to new – good – habits. All you have to do is be consistent for 3 months! 

Changing Habits 

Changing Habits is an online platform and shop introducing you to a healthier diet. It is your ultimate guide to a healthier lifestyle. From the first step, you are guided into making good decisions. You do not need any specific knowledge to change your eating habits with this website! Start out and benefit of their blog posts and recipes. The best: You can purchase the products directly on their side. So you may consider this your nutrition expert and grocery store of choice at the same time!

Our favourites 

A healthy start in the day begins with a healthy breakfast. To change your habits, why not begin straight in the morning? We can highly recommend the Paleo Toasted Muesli Multipack. This is not only tasty and filling, you can also save 20% by purchase! For a fuelled start in an energetic day, combine it with fresh fruits, e.g. bananas and add some pitted dates. 

For a starter, we can also recommend to create your own pantry pack. It will supply all ingredients you need for a first trial period and again, you can save up to 20% per purchase. 

Why you should try it out 

Changing Habits not only introduces you to healthier way of life. It further guides you step by step on your journey to making better choices. What we love most about it: all products are sustainable, organic and ethical. Therefore, your new habits do not only positively affect your own lifestyle, but also the planet we are living on.

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