Brian Tracy’s six elements of self-esteem

Taking care of your self-esteem, to Brian Tracy, is essential as taking care of your body. In fact, the author and mentor describes it as a process of the mind.

Brian Tracy is a self-development author and motivational speaker. You may notice to come across him in multiple categories of this website. This is because Tracy is a great mentor when it comes to growing into your best self – in which area of life you may desire to do so.

The six elements of self-esteem 

According to Tracy, building self-esteem comes down to six essential elements. 

  1. Your goals

In order to raise your self-esteem, you need to set the right goals. Tracy claims that self-esteem actually rises with your achievements. Therefore, reach high! Or, in other words: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough!” 

2. Your values 

Secondly, your values and standards determine your self-esteem. Not only does it require for you to clearly define those standards. Further, you need to fully commit to these – on a daily base. Without commitment, values are only ideas. With commitment however, they are powerful. The clearer you are about yourself and what you believe in, the higher your self-esteem. 

3.  Your success experiences

Goals and values alone, however, do not make a self-confident person. In order to be able to fully believe in yourself, your reality needs to prove you with the according results. Tracy therefore recommends to make your goals and values measurable. An example for committing to a healthy body, for example, could result in working out 3 times a week. By sticking to this plan (and seeing physical results), you accumulate success experiences. In this way, you can actually track the development of your self-esteem. 

4. Your performance in comparison to others

People with high self-esteem, Tracy claims, do not fear comparison. Instead, they constantly seek competition with other successful people. They continuously try to learn from them until they eventually surpass their success and compete with themselves only. 

5. Your recognition by others

On the other side of the coin, what other successful people think about you and how they evaluate your performance plays a major role in your self-esteem building process. Being praised by somebody you respect will give you a great feeling – obviously – and participate in building up your own self-esteem. 

6. Your rewards 

Achieving your goals by sticking to your commitments may – and should! – result in rewards. These may be financially (by your employer), or even rewards you give yourself. Although material values are certainly not the only ones that account, they can contribute to your level of self-esteem as they are physical proof of your accomplishments. 

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