A Game Free Life

There’s no better place to get information than at the source. Dr Karpman himself, the creator of the Karpman Drama triangle, has written a book, “A Game free life,” that is all the about the relationships of the Drama triangle. As well as a book, Dr Karpman offers a DVD series where he further explains his model. The book and the DVDs are complimentary to each other so it is highly recommended that you buy both. The DVD series are presented in a lecture format. In this lecture you will learn bot the twelve different drama triangles as well as the history and evolution of the drama triangle. Dr Karpman is charismatic and is an inspiring teacher. This book-Dvd package will teach you everything you need to know about the Drama Triangle and how to ascend it.  The Karpman Drama Triangle is essential for coaches and this package is the best on the market. Get ahead of the crowd with these revolutionary techniques. This book will teach you how to maintain compassion in conflict and avoid miscommunications that will perpetrate dysfunctional behavior. Essential for coaches, anyone seeking to strengthen their relationships and those who want to understand their behavioral patterns in conflict, Dr Karpman’s book and DVD is a necessity.

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