Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is so much more than just the movements. Each position and transition is carefully designed. Alignment is so important in Yoga. Even the small details like at which angle your wrist is rotated is important. Without the proper alignment, ones Yoga practise will not be as beneficial. For any Yogi anatomy and alignment is essential. This course is the perfect program to understanding the science behind yoga. Yoga anatomical knowledge is so important if one wants to prevent injury. Apart from anatomy and alignment you will also learn the seven core cues which are essential to optimizing your transitions. This course is run by Sadie and Tyler, who re both experts in Yoga. Sadie has travelled the world teaching yoga and published various books and TV shows. She is also an online personality with over 19 million views on her YouTube channel. Tyler has also travelled the world teaching Yoga. Both these instructors and charismatic and motivating. This course is a necessity for those who are wanting to become Yoga teachers. After this course you can get listed on Sadie’s website as a CSV Yoga Instructor. For those who are already teaching Yoga, this course will help you take your classes to the next level. For those looking to further their personal practise this course is a must have. Informative and interesting this course will revolutionize your Yoga journey.

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