The Yoga Bible

With so many different styles of Yoga and all the various positions that come with all these styles, it can be hard to learn and remember what belongs where. There are no rules in Yoga and it is a personal practice so if ones Yoga sessions comprises rolling around on the floor that’s perfect.

However for those who want to be a bit more traditional, learning and understandings the positions is essential. The “Yoga Bible” is your definitive guide and dictionary. The book encourages beginners and experts alike to find a Yoga sequence that suits their personal needs and abilities. “The Yoga Bible” features over 170 different poses, from Savasana (Corpse pose) to Tittibhasana (Firefly pose) this book will teach you all the poses for beginners and masters. This book is for everyone. You do not have to be so flexible that you can twist your leg five times around your neck to do Yoga.

If you can’t even touch your toes that’s okay. Yoga is not a competition. “The Yoga Bible “is in full colour and it visually represents all the poses and transitions. One doesn’t have to decipher vague instructions and be left wondering if ones leg really does go there. The information is well presented and comprehensive.

Your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental will being well thank you for using this book to deepen your Yoga practice. “The Yoga Bible” is the best book on the market for anyone interested in Yoga.

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