The wisdom of Tao

It can be so easy to lose balance in everyday hustle. You leave the house mindful in the morning, but then the bus does not arrive, it starts to heavily rain out of a sudden, a colleague may be in a bad mood or a stranger be rude. And out of a sudden, you feel anxious or even stressed.

Keeping inner balance while at the same time taking part in the world around you can be a challenge. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to de-connect for a bit. Not to focus on yourself, but rather on a good book and the story of others. 

The Wisdom of Tao is a great way to find back into inner balance in your daily life. It is packed with ancient stories to delight, inform and inspire you. 

The philosophy of Taoism

Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy focusing on a life in harmony with the universe. The Eastern tradition has become widely popular in Europe and North America over the past fifty years. Especially within a more and more connected world with immediate demands, it can be a bliss to take a few minutes per day to dive into another, ancient world.

About the book

The Wisdom of Tao contains more than 140 ancient stories, from humorous over sarcastic, that all share one thing in common: They reveal a greater philosophy and truth. The stories cover topics as From Heaven to Earth, the elixir of tao and why you cannot possess it to different entertaining fables with greater wisdom.

What you can expect 

Reading one story per day in a beautiful atmosphere can be a relaxing way to find back to your inner balance. You will not be required to actively do anything, move, change your location. Just dive into this book full of wisdom and shut out the world around you for a while. 

The stories will lead you to:

  • Flow with life
  • Live from the heart
  • Develop an openness to possibilities
  • Live in balance
  • Drop expectations
  • Embrace acceptance

If inner balance and these outcomes are your goals, we highly recommend that you get The Wisdom of Tao here