The Banting Diet pocket guide

Introducing you to innovative nutrition approaches, the Banting diet should not be missed!

The Banting diet is a low-carb and high-fat (LCHF) diet. It has been named after William Banting who first adopted it back in the 18th century. Core meals of a Banting diet include avocado, low carb fruit, any dairy, leafy green vegetables, eggs, meat with fat and fish – especially oily fish.

How to get started

If you are about to change your nutrition, want to loose a few pounds and probably even change the way you eat for good, we found the right book to start out. Firstly, The Banting Diet pocket guide is an easy read. Moreover, it is perfect to start with as you find an introduction in the main principles of Banting here. Further, this guide is your assistant in lots and lots of recipes and Banting tricks! 

About the book 

This little guide will help you successfully start, conclude and maintain your Banting lifestyle. It has all the tricks and information you need without being too much to take in. The Banting Pocket Guide is your handy little tool to get started with Banting! You find recipes, Banting on a budget tricks and even a chapter from Banting’s most popular supporter, Prof. Tim Noakes. Additionally, you will gain clarity about Banting with this book as it gives answers to all of the myths around the Banting diet. Finally – this may be your favourite part – the Banting Diet Pocket Guide can be your facilitator to loose these extra pounds you want to get rid of for good! 

About the person behind the movement 

The Banting diet has recently become public again by South African nutritionist Tim Noakes. Prof. Tim Noakes has published more than 750 scientific books and articles. He has been cited more than 16 000 times in scientific literature and is rated an A1 scientist by the National Research Foundation of South Africa. His research convinced him that a high-fat, low-carb diet is the healthiest option for many.

Reasons why you should try Banting 

Banting is a good approach for you if you 

  • care about healthy nutrition
  • are open to innovative and new regimen
  • want to loose weight
  • are ready for a lifestyle change, rather than a short-term diet
  • want to ensure scientifically proven results more than a quick fix 

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