Strength made simple with TRX suspension training

World-class level of strength, this applies to you?

Probably you then have already found TRX suspension training.

TRX is the most real kind of training you will perform. No machines, no weights – simply you and your bodyweight, becoming stronger one training at a time.

What is this tool about?

TRX training has gained worldwide exposure for its hundreds of exercises that build, burn, tone and strengthen your body.

You don’t need a certain look, bodyweight or even age to start TRX suspension training. It’s multiple exercises cover for all prerequisites. TRX training is a movement with thousands of followers worldwide.

What you get out of it

Whichever area of your body you want to improve – or perfect – TRX suspension training offers the ideal workout – your own way, to your own time. Suspension training is known as a constant challenge for your different muscle types so your body – and mind – won’t get bored ever again while working out.

TRX training offers gears and apparel for your way of working out – may it be functional training tools, TRX HOME2, TRX PRO4 or TRX TACTICAL.

If you decide to perform TRX suspension training from home, you find all necessary instructions within the different apps to download. Choose between essentials as the cardio circuit to get into it, the TRX Boot Camp for an intense challenge or take it to the professional level with the TRX Trainer Education.

Your digital personal trainer offers guided workouts that make sure you hit those goals. Individually select workouts by duration, kind of workout, select your coach and keep on track of your results.

The best way for TRX – start doing it! Each step is progression and each progression may lead you further to your self-set goals.

Start your workout