Sleep Hacking 101

Sleep is a vital function. The length and quality of our sleep directly affects our cognitive, emotional and physical capacity. In these times of a 24 hour society one just doesn’t have the time to sleep for a full 9 hours. What we need is the optimal sleeping routine i.e. getting the most energy out of the least amount of sleep possible. This Course will teach you how to get the optimal amount of sleep by teaching you special techniques. Learn how to optimize your diet, exercise, morning and evening habits and environmental design so that you can sleep without any problems. Scott Britton, the facilitator, is an software entrepreneur. He is also the founder of the website Scott has taught over 50,000 students online and been featured in Lifehacker, The Next Web, and Business Insider. The best part of this course is the amount of free time it gives you. If you practice the routine taught in this course you will gain, over the course of a year, the equivalent of four weeks of additional time that comes from sleeping for shorter hours. You’ll find that with this course you will have more energy than ever before. “Sleep Hacking 101” is ideal for anyone wanting to get a better night’s rest. This program is well taught, interactive and fun.

I want to optimize my sleep