Six Week Six Pack

Six Week Six Pack

The six pack is the ultimate sign of fitness. Both men and women workout for hours in the gym to achieve it. The myth has been that achieving a six pack is supposed to be difficult and near impossible to achieve, epically for women. Women have a natural deposit of fat around the hips and on the stomach. Its purpose is to aid the reproductive organs.

However with work and dedication women, just like men, can melt off that belly fat and gain a six pack. “Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six-Pack” programme is the ultimate way to fast track your six pack training programme. Instead of spending three hours in the gym every day, with this programme you’ll only need to dedicate half an hour of your day to training.

Forget doing countless boring sit ups, this dynamic routine will keep you interested and engaged. This routine is comprised of toning and cardio exercises making it the ideal combination to help you shred belly fat and chisel that six pack.

Your Trainer will be none other than Jillian Michaels aka the toughest coach in America. Jillian won’t let you give up and she will push you to your limits. For the first three weeks you’ll start off with level one. Level one is appropriate for beginners but it is still intense enough to keep the fitness junkies sweating and make them feel the burn. Level two will up the intensity significantly.

The best part about this course is that it comes on a DVD so that means that if you feel like you are dying you can always pause and catch your breath. Just make sure that you don’t pause the video indefinitely! The “Six Week Six Pack” is one of the best workout routines on the market. With the right amount of dedication and discipline, this routine will have you looking the best you ever have.

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