Qualified therapies with OnlineTherapy.com

No matter if you need psychological support on a current life crisis or matter of childhood that seems to influence your current life situation. If you want to reshape destructive thought patterns or speak about social situations bothering you. Chances are, a qualified psychologist  at hand is the best approach.

Not always, however, you may find the qualified support you are looking for in close proximity.

In this case, OnlineTherapy.com is the perfect platform for you

OnlineTherapy.com is a toolbox by Dr. Steven Gans, MD educated at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PHD and Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The mission of their platform is to bring access of high quality therapy to any place around the world.

OnlineTherapy.com is your go to for struggles with addiction, anxiety, relationship issues, depression, sleep or insomnia problems, stress and many more psychological areas.

How it works

Throughout your journey with OnlineTherapy.com, you are guided by your personal therapist from beginning to finish. The tool box consists of different sections and worksheets to tackle the issues you want to work on. For each section, you find reading material, as well as practical tools to identify and overcome your problems. The worksheets ask you questions to answer for which you will receive hands-on tips back from your therapist on a daily basis.

Each week, you have a 30 minutes access of live chat your therapist for instant guidance and support. You may further always reach out, messaging your therapist for upcoming questions or thoughts.

Furthermore, OnlineTherapy.com provides a journal which will help you to start and end your day in a positive manner, simply by writing down a few thoughts each morning and evening.

More benefits

As a special, you further have access to an activity plan which will help you schedule and realise action steps. The activity plan may be understood as a written agreement with yourself, tackling small steps as going for a walk or meeting certain friends – whichever plan you want to carry out.

As a latest feature, OnlineTherapy.com further provides Yoga and Meditation as part of a happiness toolbox. You find simple videos there with helpful yoga techniques and practices for some instant calmness and happiness.

And, last but not least: Your first month of OnlineTherapy.com comes with a 20% discount!

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