Overcoming depression and anxiety with Healthy ME Summits

Have you been suffering from anxiety or depression, but afraid to speak to anybody around? Are you looking for direction, but cannot open up to family members or do not want anybody at your workplace to know? Or is adequate psychological support just not within your geographical reach?

What is this tool about?

Healthy ME Summits is a digital platform on integrative health and wellness information. It seeks to empower readers by offering up to date education, information and solutions around the topics of depression and anxiety. With shared personal experiences, visitors may find the inspiration they need in order to step into their own journey of mental health.

Healthy ME Summits focuses on 7 Pillars of Health:

Healthy ME Summits originates from Australia and is accessible for customers worldwide. The program is hosted by Joanna Rushton, a body, mind and performance coach and #1 Amazon best-selling author. Further, the expert team consists of human behavioural experts, chiropractors, naturopaths and many more.

How it works

This website will assist you with daily rituals to reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. Further, you find specific food recipes and meal plans for a practical approach to reduce anxiety on a daily basis.

Healthy ME Summits further concentrates on exercise, quality of sleep and balancing the rhythm of your body. Also, you will learn movements and exercises to lift your mood and moreover. What is more, it teaches methods to improve your relationship to yourself and others.

As a customer, you receive all audio and video presentations of more than 50 experts on the topic of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, the package offers you interviews with individuals who share their own inspirational stories. More inspiration can be found within the Compilation Book Of Affirmations that you receive – and on top, there are exclusive bonus gifts awaiting.

Ready to start a healthier, happier life?

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