Namaste Yoga

Yoga is an inherently personal and spiritual practice. Many people devise routines that help them work through certain issues. That being said however Yoga is just as effective when following a routine. Especially for beginners, as it can be difficult to remember all the moves and come up with new sequences.  Namaste Yoga is a DVD series that has follow along Yoga sessions. Discover new positions and breathing techniques to deepen your understanding of Yoga. There are thirteen episodes that are each twenty two minutes long. Each sessions includes a warm up and a cool down as well as the essential Savansa (corpse pose). Your guide will be Kate Potter:  A master Yogini. The classes are shot in the beautiful environment of the Pacific Northwest. Potter has years of experience in Yoga and runs her own Yoga retreats. These Yoga sessions are designed to make you feel good. The sessions are perfect for both beginners and senior Yogis. The classes are done at the perfect pace so beginners won’t feel too rushed and the advanced Yogis won’t feel like it’s being dragged out. Namaste Yoga is the ideal home practice and is an especial tool for any one that wants to try out and practice Yoga.

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