The science behind happiness & social media

You, me, her – everybody wants to be happy. Our bodies are simply designed for it. However, it is not always easy to manifest happiness in everyday life. In order to attract happiness, we must understand it first.

Yes, there is a science behind happiness

Often times, we get caught up with circumstances and situations. Thus, our happiness may depend on other people or if we get things our way. Happiness, however, is an inside job as well.

This online class is the perfect tool for you if you want to understand more about the topic. With Udemy, you learn the science behind happiness – what it actually is, how it is created and what may stay in its way.

Happiness: what to learn about

“The Science of Happiness & Psychology of Social Media” invites you to explore the roots of a happy and meaningful life. You can benefit from multiple researches about how happiness affects your life, health, and even diet. Not only will you learn a definition of happiness, but also scientifically proven habits to improve the happiness factor in your own life.

Therefore, you cannot only learn about short-term, but even longterm happiness methods.

In a second part, this online class invites you to have a closer look at the interrelation of happiness and social media. With digitalisation being real for all of us, the way we communicate and build relationships changes. Often times, other people’s lives seem perfect over social media. This may trigger pressure – and even negative feelings like jealousy or unhappiness – in us. Diving into the topic of happiness and social media, you can learn how to make the best out of this world for you, too.

Happiness: who this class is for

Thus, this class is especially enriching for anyone who seeks to know the science behind happiness. It’s the right class for you if you are seeking for habit to increase your own happiness. What is more, if you are a social media influencer, you will better understand the correlation between happiness and the digital world. Consequently, you can implement your learnings to create more happiness for your followers.

A few words about the instructor

This Udemy class is hosted by Ma Barakat, Medical Instructor, Programmer and Researcher. It is a great online class for anybody who wants to learn about the scientific implications of happiness. You can absorb this knowledge for yourself and also use it for your online profiles. Therefore, it is great for any social media influencer who aims to contribute to his followers’ happiness.

Lead me to the happier life