Inner balance with Gregg Braden – a different approach

If you are all about inner balance, but currently a bit out of tune. In case you need a mentor or simply a good book to read to get you back on track. When outer success is great, but ultimately not enough. Then we may have the right guy for you! 

About Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is an American New Age literature author with an international reputation of bridging science and spirituality. Further, his wisdom is an inspiration to seekers of human depth and inner balanced life experience. His books are bestsellers and he won multiple awards. 

About his books

Braden is the author of multiple NYT bestsellers which have been translated in many languages and reached millions of people in the world. His books are 

Among his most successful ones are Human by Design and The Divine Matrix. 



Human by Design seeks answers to our most profound questions: Who are we? and to establish the core of the human existence. It reveals science-based techniques to awaken human experiences of deep intuition, precognition, self-healing and more. 




His book the Divine Matrix is based on research of Max Planck, father of the quantum theory, who addressed a matrix as point of origin of the human DNA. 

In his book, Braden establishes ways to unleash the power of this matrix, to understand how it works and speak the language that it recognises. Thus, he shares 20 keys of conscious creation to transform the miracles of imagination into reality. 

Where to start

If you kept reading until now, you may already guess that Gregg Braden is not for anyone. Firstly, his literature has an intellectual core which will require you a certain focus to follow through. If a little challenge, however, is exactly what you search, than you may be the best reader he gets. Start out with one of his bestselling books to get the ideas behind the person. This allows you to seek his input in an affordable way, consumable whenever suitable to you. If you turn out to be passionate about Gregg Braden, there is much more to learn from him! In his international speaking events, he takes the motivational and insightful knowledge one step further. Visiting one of his events will be a powerful experience, surrounding you by fellow readers and people interested in this unique approach of spirituality, physics and the human existence. 

What to expect 

Gregg Braden is a slightly different answer to inner balance than what you may read about elsewhere. It is, in a nutshell, your approach in a combination of physics and spirituality. Gregg Braden goes deeper in his questioning than solemn wellbeing. Instead, the author tries to get to the core of human existence.

Gregg Braden may change your perception of the world if you are ready to invest the time and thought necessary to follow his deeply profound – and sometimes maybe even controversial – ideas. 

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