I Can Make You Sleep: Overcome Insomnia Forever and Get the Best Rest of Your Life

Does lying in bed contemplating life sound familiar to you? Do you lie in bed and worry about things that have happened years ago and then wonder what the world’s rarest crayfish is? Never fear as falling asleep does not have to be a mission. it can be easy. “I can make you Sleep” is a book and hypnosis CD that are guaranteed to make you fall asleep. The Book is very informative on the theory of falling asleep and will teach you many useful techniques. The CD will guide you from a waking state to deep rest with hypnosis. The author and voice behind this product is Paul McKenna. Paul has over twenty years of experience in working in hypnosis. Some of his clients include olympic gold medalists, rock stars, businessmen and even royalty. He has sold over three million books nd his T.V shows have aired in 42 countries. He is a leading professional in his field and his calm and soothing voice will act as a lullaby as you peacefully drift off to sleep. The activities McKenna suggests are easy to apply and very effective. With this package your struggle for sleep will be over. To get the best results it is recommended that you combine the techniques suggested by the book and listen to the CD at night. This Book and CD are the leading products in their field. You can be guaranteed that your nights of sleeplessness are over.

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