Hunyuan Qi Therapy program

A vision for your life

This program is for people with a vision for their lives. You have a keen interest in Qigong and making a living out of supporting others in their health and wellbeing. As a fulltime career or simply for your inner circle of friends and family.

Unique in the world

This is not a weekend course promising quick results. This is the world’s most comprehensive education in Hunyuan Qi Therapy. Based on three modules of two weeks each over a 24 months period, the programme includes monthly online supervision sessions, buddy pairs, ongoing homework and personal assignments, research, a work manual and comprehensive reading material that are all designed to build your confidence to work with clients.

The results are spectacular though!

Healing retreats regularly report improvement rates of higher than 90% on symptoms and diseases participants came to get healing for. Hunyuan Qi therapy is helping people heal and enhance themselves globally. The Hunyuan Qi therapy program has the perfect balance of teaching you to be the teacher as well as teaching you how to be the lifelong student. Depending on your time of joining, modules might happen in China, Europe or the Americas.

An integrated part of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hunyuan Qi Therapy as part of the Zhineng Qigong system does not only treat the symptoms of disease, but addresses maladies at their root. Its approach is both holistic and scientifically proven. It is recognized in China as the most effective natural energy-healing modalities on the planet, and while its methods were a well-kept secret for many years, it is now being taught around the world by Master Yuantong Liu in cooperation with internationally acclaimed teacher Britta Stalling. The program is especially designed for students interested in this system dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation. We have personally attended some of their training days this year and are impressed by the depth of these cutting edge Qigong methods and the integrity of your teachers Master Liu and Britta.

Healing yourself and others is one of the most rewarding life journeys which exist on this planet. The objective of the program is that you are well equipped to theoretically and by experience understand the power of Hunyuan Qi Therapy and trust your ability to apply it for yourself and others.

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