Goodbye to pain with the MELT method

We live in a world of daily stress factors and high demands. No wonder, if your back hurts after a long office day or your muscles feel tense.

If it’s time for you to experience life in a better way, the MELT method may just be the right fit for you!

The MELT method helps you feeling more healthy, youthful and energized. It is a self-treatment that you can perform from anywhere with simply purchasing MELT on Demand.

What is MELT?

MELT is a full-body method for an active way of self-care.  MELT on Demand is a subscription based offer where you can access new videos each week with unlimited access and practice self-care from everywhere, whenever suitable to you. Try MELT on Demand with a 7 Day free trial!

The best about it: MELT absolutely fits into your busy schedule. Practicing 3 times per week for 10 minutes already gives you results!

The person behind the programme

Sue Hitzman developed the MELT method in 2001 in order to offer a way for people out of chronic pain. She started out in order to relieve herself from chronic pain when general doctors could not provide a cure. Her neuromuscular and manual therapies led to what is today known as the MELT method. Sue is a recognised manual therapist, exercise physiologist and educator – she is the person to trust in your journey out of chronic pain as she knows first-hand what she is talking about.

No wonder it has been praised in media worldwide – may it be The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times or multiple fitness blogs as

What MELT offers to you

MELT further offers complimentary bundles, ideally designed in order to perform the relevant MELT techniques. Different tools are available specifically targeting the exercises you wish to perform.

Already practicing the MELT method in your day to day life and in search of a little extra? MELT further offers Self-Care Retreat weekends in multiple breath-taking locations in the US. These weekends are the perfect occasion for a time-out, destress, listen to your body and learn from Sue Hitzman herself.

For those of you who are already deep into their own practice and want to take it one step further by instructing others, MELT offers specific Instructor trainings.


Done with stress and chronic pain? Try the MELT method here