Go the F**k to Sleep

Becoming a parent to some may seem like a romantic and dream like experience, while to others the whole experience is less than…dreamlike. One of the most frustrating things for parents is getting their child to sleep. While some children drift off to sleep like little angels some are less angelic in their sleeping habits. “Go the F**k to sleep” is the book every parents needs. Its real, honest and will make you smile even when it’s 3am in the morning because your little daring decided that sleepy time is over and you’ve spent an hour trying to negotiate with the little terrorist that it is a good idea to go to sleep.“Go the f**k to sleep” is set up as a traditional bedtime story but as the story continues and the child does not fall asleep, the narrator becomes more irritated. Please take note that this book does contain profane language and should therefore not be read to kids as a bedtime story. Perhaps the best part of this book is the audio book which narrated by Samuel L. Jackson himself. While many ascribe the voice of God to Morgan Freeman, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing Jackson, in a soothing and melodic way, tell young kids to go the F**k to sleep. Frustrated parents need this book.

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