Find happiness, health and get on your journey with Yoga Girl

If you consider yourself a lover of all things yoga, a healthy and happy being an a social media person alike, there is no way you haven’t heard of Yoga Girl yet! 

Who is Yoga Girl 

Yoga Girl is Rachel Brathen, who was born in Sweden and moved to first Costa Rica and then Aruba to follow her passion for Yoga. She is sharing her journey and life mainly over Facebook and Instagram and hereby inspiring millions of girls, women and yogis around the world. 

Over the years, Yoga Girl grew to much more than one person. Brathen describes it as a community, a movement, of like-minded girls and women around the world. Yoga Girl means connecting over the love of mindfulness and – of course – yoga practice. 

What makes her special 

There are million of yoga teachers out there, but only few make it to social media influencers as Brathen. What makes Rachel special is her authenticity, the way she shares her life with the people she connects with. Her yoga movement is not about ‘everything zen and perfect’, she knows life’s ups and downs and speaks about mental health openly. When her best friend died in a car accident, she worked through her pain with writing – and yoga – and shared this with her community. Some people criticise her for her vulnerability, for others, it is the reason to follow her.

Yoga Girl is simply that: a girl who loves yoga and decided, step by step, to build her life around her conviction. 

What you can learn from her 

If you decide to follow yoga girl on Instagram, Facebook or get her book, you will learn a lot for yourself. She will inspire you to get real for yourself. Further, Rachel’s own vulnerability and resilience may provoke to seek the same within you. If you choose to become part of the Yoga Girl movement, you may dive deep into yoga practice – for the first time, or also, if you are already a pro. 

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