Become a Certified Wellness Coach

Wellness Coaching may be more popular these days than ever before. Thus, in order to provide your clients with optimal resources, the quality of your training as a wellness coach matters! 

We found a science proven and holistic program for you to check out! 

About WellPeople

WellPeople is an organisation with focusing on the development of people in their whole wellbeing. This includes the 12 dimensions of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Furthermore, they offer transformative solutions for the work place, colleges, wellness centres and personal use alike. What is more: WellPeople claims proven results! 

The science & person behind it 

The person behind the movement is John Travis, MD, MPH. In 1975, he founded the first wellness centre in the United States. Since then, the word about him has spread and he has been featured in multiple media formats, including the New York Times. Additionally, health professionals around the world and university curricula alike praise and utilise his pioneering work. 

Become a Wellness Inventory Coach

If you want to become a wellness coach with a certified and proven background, Wellness Inventory Coaching should be your choice! With this program, you can become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach or Facilitator. Thus, you will learn to  effectively use the Wellness Inventory whole person assessment and life balance program. Moreover, you can share your skills then with clients, patients, employees, and students. 

The 12 dimensions of the Wellness Energy system
Core of the program

Core of this Certification Training is the dynamic whole person model. It is based on the 12 dimensions of the Wellness Energy System, an Holographic Growth Process, and the innovative Wellness Inventory program.

WellnessPeople offers you a two step program of two certifications, as beginner and as advanced. Both are delivered in a live, interactive, highly participatory webinar-style format. The first level program takes 14 weeks, the additional second level class takes 7 weeks. 

Key features of the first level program include:

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  • Progress Tracker
  • My Wellness Journal
  • Wellbeing Study Center
  • 12 Resource Centres




This is for you, if …. 

… you consider becoming a wellness coach and are looking for the right program. Equally, this program helps you focus on quality and a wholistic approach alike. What is more, as it is in webinar form, you can deepen your knowledge and build necessary skills from anywhere in the world, whenever suitable to you. 

Become a Certified Wellness Coach