All the products you need for a buddha like mindset

On your search for inner balance, you may have come across buddhism. Yearly, the world religion inspires millions of people on their spiritual path. Thus, if you want to include buddhism into your everyday life, we found the perfect website for you.


Buddhism: some background 

Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world with over 520 million followers. The traditions, beliefs and spiritual practises of buddhism are based on original teachings attributed to the Buddha. Thus, the core beliefs include the four noble truths. Firstly, existence is suffering ( dukhka ). Secondly, this suffering has a cause. Thirdly, suffering will be ended with nirvana and lastly, there is a path to nirvana.

Buddha Groove

Buddha Groove is a website dedicated to people who want to implement more balance, relaxation and buddha vibes into their everyday life. It offers a wide range of products, from meditation over apparel, healing crystals and gift. 

Best tools and products

These are our favourite bestsellers we can recommend: 

The energy healing smudge set will be your perfect accessory for a restoring mediation session. No matter if you are practicing by yourself or with a group, the clear quartz energy will enhance your practice with a little extra healing energy. 


These crystal infused healing oils bring balancing energy to your home. We love the package for its mixture of good vibes for happy days, high vibes for focus and night vibes for relaxation.


If you need a simple recharge or want to gift a friend with pure energy, this Recharge Holistic Healing Set makes a really good present. it includes bath salts and essential oils spray for more relaxation at home – or anywhere you may want to take it with. 


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