Age in reverse with Natalie Jill

Rock bottom is where you rise from.

Natalie Jill knows exactly this. When losing her marriage, her house and her savings, she entered a period of overwhelming feelings. Thus, she gained a lot of weight. This, however, turned out not to be the end, but the beginning.

Instead of staying on the ground of depression, Natalie decided to rise above her circumstances at the time. It all started with dumping the excuses and getting real.

Can you relate to this situation? Is fitness a goal in your life, but seems far out of reach? Are you struggling with your body (image), tried too many diets and want change for good?

Then the Original 7 Day Jump Start Plan may be your way to go!

What it is all about

In a nutshell, the 7 Day Jump Start Plan Program offers you the right way to get these fitness goals back on track. Losing up to 7 LBS in the first 7 days is what Natalie has to offer.

What’s currently in your way? 

The 2 most difficult road blocks to a healthy body image, in her opinion, are information overload, mainly online, and misguided self-beliefs. With this program, you can tackle them both!

Cornerstones of this tool 

The right diet plan, in Natalie’s opinion, consists of 4 characteristics:

  1. It promotes actual health and longevity 
  2. It is based on simple and scientifically proven principles
  3. Meals actually taste good and give room for some treats
  4. It is not a quick fix, but can be implemented for life 
What you can get out of it 

Natalie Jill offers several different tools to follow in her footsteps. You may start with the Original 7 Day Jump Start Plan to get excited. It helps to get your body into fat burning, reduces bloating and get these cravings under control. This program is a nutrition plan that will set your body and mindset right.

Once you are into it, Natalie offers many more programs to follow, depending on your current needs. Her Total Body Weight programs, e.g. tackle different parts of your body to get into the workout mode. They are available as digital downloads as well as DVDs, so you can easily decide when and where to make use of them. 

Her book Aging in reverse is a combination of changing your nutrition plan and body image and throughout motivational. 

Once you are at the point of being happy with your fitness and body, her Stay Lean Recipes keep you on track of success. 

Natalie Jill offers many more products which you may all find on her website.

Why we love this tool

For any person who wants to get into the fitness track, but is fearful of a too perfectionist approach, we would recommend this tool. Above all, Natalie stays relatable, supportive and human within all her products. She knows what she is talking about, she walked the path herself. Following Natalie’s footsteps is like having a best friend cheering you up. After all, it can actually be fun to get in shape!

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