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Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

Intelligence: 3 concepts  Intelligence is a complex definition. What makes a person intelligent? In school, we are measured by performance. Thus, it matters how well we do in maths, how... read more

Develop spiritual strength with this online class

Life is beautiful, purposeful, so much more than you can grasp with your eyes. Life is your journey, and you are meant to go it strong. It does, however,... read more

Awaken with JP

Being ultra-spiritual has never been easier. Some may know JP Sears from his comedic YouTube videos such as “How to be Ultra spiritual” or “How to become Gluten Intolerant.”... read more

The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Wisdom of the Enneagram is the principal conclusive manual for utilizing the knowledge of the Enneagram for profound and mental development. Whether you want to enhance your coaching... read more

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