Lead a purpose driven life

Did you ever get a chance to think about the bigger meaning of your life?  Chances are, you are here to live - to experience, love, have fun, be with... read more

A guide to pursue the work of your purpose

There is work, and there is your work. There are jobs to make money, and there are jobs to  pursue your own purpose. The great news: you can be... read more

Paradigm shifting your life with the Law of Attraction

Paradigm shifting your life with the Law of Attraction      You won’t understand the Law of Attraction without coming across ‘The Secret’. The million-bestseller movie and book series by Shaunda Rhimes... read more

Munay Ki

Sometimes in life we just hit a plateau, however that is never an excuse to not grow as a person. With this course you will fuel your spiritual growth... read more

What is Purpose?