The only fitness app you’ll ever need

If fitness and you are best buddies, it has never been easier - or more affordable - to be inseparable! Get your perfect fitness app with Jillian Michaels personal coaching.... read more

Age in reverse with Natalie Jill

Rock bottom is where you rise from. Natalie Jill knows exactly this. When losing her marriage, her house and her savings, she entered a period of overwhelming feelings. Thus, she... read more

Strength made simple with TRX suspension training

World-class level of strength, this applies to you? Probably you then have already found TRX suspension training. TRX is the most real kind of training you will perform. No machines, no... read more

All the fitness you’ll ever need with Clever Training

You are: never afraid of a challenge, enthusiastic about endurance, always on the push for a new athletic challenge? Then you are: a clever trainer! No matter if you are into... read more

Six Week Six Pack

Six Week Six Pack The six pack is the ultimate sign of fitness. Both men and women workout for hours in the gym to achieve it. The myth has been... read more

Bikini Body Guide

Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines is a 12 to 24 week workout and diet training program for those who lead busy lifestyles. If you hate running and don’t... read more

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