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Accelerate your business coaching skills

Business coaching is a distinct profession, demanding excellent and high-developed skills. Are you looking for a program that brings out the best coach in you? Then look no further: The... read more

Manage your coaching business like a pro

Being a coach is a job by itself - you would know!  It is about managing clients' expectations and emotions. Plus, you are constantly confronted with input and on demand... read more

Become your best coaching version with Tony Robbins

The key for coaching success lies hidden in one simple word: Quality. Quality coaches drive quality results. Results will first make your client successful, and with him, also you. But how... read more
Neuro Linguistic programming advanced facilitator training

The best Neurolinguistic Program Facilitator Training

Neuro-linguistic programming is one of the most powerful tools in life enhancement sector. For coaches around the world, NLP revolutionised the way they work and drive clients' results. If... read more

Soft Skills Coaching Library

Imagine that you are a little kid again. Think of that feeling you get as you walk into a library on your quest to research dinosaurs or outer space.... read more
The Positive Psychology toolkit

The Positive Psychology Toolkit

This product is the result of the latest cutting edge development in the positive psychology community. The company supplying this tools is in contact with the top universities, organisations... read more

Online Spiral Dynamics Principles Course

Spiral Dynamics is one of the most advanced theories in coaching and understanding human development. This course is three months in duration and you can take it from the comfort... read more

A Short Introduction to Coaching Skills and the GROW Model

You feel that sense of inspiration. You’ve been doing your research and you have multiple pages saved on your browser. You’ve been telling all your friends about this. You have... read more

Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose

Some call this book the bible of the coaching industry, and they are right. This book is like a box of chocolates, not because you never know what you’re... read more

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