Work-life balance with wellness apps

Have you been haunted yet by the current hype of wellness apps out there?

We suggest that two developments in today’s business world justify the trend of such:

  1. Optimisation – we try to become our best selves in all areas in life, interconnectivity between how we perform at work and how balanced all other aspects – physical and mental health, relationships, workout and relaxation – are in our life


  1. Increasing demands due to digitalisation, complexity in work-environment with regard to global impact scale: we do not only take into considerations business from a local or regional approach anymore, but face competition of a worldwide market due to a global business network. These increasing demands go along with a need to take better care of ourselves – in order to be able to bring the best results in an office environment, we have to make sure to balance these demands out.


This applies specifically for high impact jobs. CEOs and executives alike carry high levels of responsibility – and may tend to forget to take responsibility of themselves.

Current wellness apps with proven results:

Is it your goal to get into excellent shape? Than you may want to try Sworkit: over 25 million users prove the success of this app. Moreover, it has been voted #1 on instructional exercise standards by University of Florida. Sworkit is your answer to finding the perfect workout for you and create a plan fitting to your goals. try it out!


Wellbeing is more about balance of mind and soul for you? Then you may want to try out Asana Rebel: a personal yoga guide with hundreds of modern yoga workouts. With this app, you can adapt your choices according to the amount of time you have. This makes it perfect for any busy business person! Asana Rebel allows you to train your strength, flexibility, balance & focus. It even got specific fat burn options! try it out!

Stress relief

Is your head constantly spinning 1000 thoughts of the tasks ahead of you? Try Headspace! This meditation app promises to train your mind for a happier life. Big plus: the approach is science based. Millions of users in more than 190 countries worldwide are currently happy with Headspace. try it out!

Better Sleep

Balance has a lot to do with rest. And no better rest than a healthy sleep cycle. The Sleep Cycle app is tracking your sleeping patterns and waking you up during light sleep. This way, it feels more naturally than with any alarm clock. On top, you receive many helpful tips and insights on healthy sleep. try it out!


Health is a lot about what you take into your body. If you want to have a closer look on this, 8fit helps you with workout, but we especially love the meal planner! Absolutely individualised on your goals, gender, age, size and weight, it’s the perfect guide to healthy recipes that enhance your fitness goals. 8fit further helps out with meal plans, tips on meal preparation and many more! try it out!

Check out these apps and let us know how you feel – may the balance be with you!