The Leader’s Guide to Managing People: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results

The world is constantly changing. Education institutions can barely even keep up with preparing the youth for the future as most of the jobs of the future haven’t even been created yet. Hard skills, those which one learns through education, courses and training, are short term.

On the contrary, Soft skills are transferable and can survive the changing times. Inter-personal skills have existed since the first humans walked the earth. In ancient days, there were leaders of tribes. In modern days, there are leaders facilitating the effort to send people to outer space.

Though the times have changed, leadership and other soft kills have not. This book is relevant and absolutely amazing as it describes how soft skills can be used through times of change.

Clear, concise and filled with anecdotes and experience, this the best resource of soft skills that can be used to get hard results. Read a literary toolkit and learn how to manage yourself, facilitate and increase your team’s performance. Thus, perfect for professionals, this book can be used as a dictionary to sharpen up one’s soft skills.

Help your clients, team and employees reach their full potentials with these invaluable techniques that you’ll learn from flipping through these pages.

Ideal for leaders and coaches, this book will help you keep your clients ahead of the game. In addition, it will perfect your skills allowing you to interact more successfully with all the people you come across.

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