The Happiness Advantage

Very often, people think that happiness follows a specific formula. If one works hard then one will succeed. If one is successful then one will be happy. This, however, is not true according to this book.

Success is a result of happiness. Not the other way around. Based on the largest study ever conducted on happiness and potential, this book explains how one, in a science based manner, can achieve happiness.

The author, Shawn Achor, has worked at Harvard University for over ten years and has presented various TED talks on the subject of happiness and success. Achor discusses seven techniques explaining how a person can fulfil their full potential.

One example of this would be to list three things that one is grateful for every day. Studies show that it takes 21 days of repeating the same action for it to become a habit. Happiness is described as a habit. Traits such as positivity, resilience and creativity can be strengthened. Happiness isn’t a thing that happens to you. It’s a state of mind.

Happy today, successful in the future

What makes this book special is that it describes how positive psychology can be beneficial in the future.

The world has moved on from the doctrines of the industrial age. Most coaches will be coaching millennials. A whole new generation with a mindset completely different from their predecessors. In a culture with the highest depression rates ever recorded its time for a change in society’s mindset.

Shawn Achor describes how positive psychology is fundamental to changing the way society functions. If schools and work environments succeed in implementing positive psychology, the future will lead to more successful individuals that contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

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