The GROW Coaching Model

Quick, easy simple and cheap. This is the crash course for the Grow model. It’s extremely useful for someone looking to learn about the Grow model without having to slave their way through thick text books. Also it’s great for coaches who want to give their clients some ‘homework’ so as to introduce them to the concept before having an in depth session with them.

It’s also a great team building exercise. If the team can’t seem to work together productively and there are mixed perceptions regarding the common goal, as each individual has their own concept of the goal, then this course is perfect. The team can watch it together and use the method to discuss their common goal effetely and understand each member’s view. You’ll find that the content is very down to earth, practical and evidence based.

The minimalistic style is perfect as it allows the client to do most of the thinking. The course does not tell you what to think, rather it shows you the door and gives you the time and space to walk through that door yourself. Use what you learn to achieve any type of goal.

Be it personal like losing a few kilos or corporate such as increasing your company’s share price. Furthermore, this course may be applied in a school environment. This course is perfect for teachers wanting to teach their students how to set goals and go through with them.

Anyone can benefit from this course. The days of writing down ones goals on a piece of paper and forgetting about them are. Live your goals with this course.

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