The Big Book of NLP

A short NLP seminar will cost you about $4500 but each technique in this book will cost you less than $0,25. If you are looking for the cook book for NLP you have found it. With over 350 different techniques you’ll be able to cook up whatever paradigm shifter you want. It’s very easy to get caught up in the theoretical aspect of NLP but it is less easy to find a whole list of techniques. This book will give you all the techniques that you could ever want. It follows a step by step format that makes it easy to follow and apply. This book will teach you all the fundamentals of NLP as well as how to apply it to your everyday life. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your NLP practice this book will help you further your knowledge. With so many techniques to learn your ability to practice NLP will skyrocket. This book is especially helpful for professional NLP practitioners as some of the techniques are advanced in nature. Though the techniques are accessible to all it is extremely beneficial for practitioners as these techniques will give you the cutting edge that will put you ahead of the competition. Become the guru and walking encyclopedia that will make others look at you in awe at your skills. Even for nonprofessionals this book is essential. With these techniques you can learn to rewire your brain. Whether it’s getting over chronic anxiety or enhancing your intelligence, the possibilities are endless. This book will give you the paint brushes and will teach you how to use them. Reality is your canvass. Go ahead and create. Become the master and architect of your reality. With this book and NLP you will be able to change your world.

Read it!