Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

The world is constantly progressing and shifting: sometimes for the better and at other times, society falls back into more primitive paradigms. Symptoms of this change manifest in politics, business, education and more.

Spiral dynamics is a model created in an attempt to explain these ever changing shifts. This is why spiral dynamics is of vital importance for anyone looking to stay ahead in any industry.

The biggest and perhaps most challenging obstacle facing leaders these days is having to prepare their business partners for these sometimes unforeseeable changes. To keep ahead of the game, one has to be flexible.

This book is perfect for coaches looking to integrate Spiral dynamics into their tool box of coaching skills. This book is also essential for managers, consultants, strategists, leaders. In short, for anyone who is looking to succeed and stay ahead in the workplace.

Spiral dynamics is a complex system. What makes this book especially brilliant is its ability to simplify the concept. It teaches on how to apply the concepts of spiral dynamics into leadership.

The authors, Don Beck and Chris Cowan, thrive in the area of spiral dynamics. They assisted in implementing spiral dynamics in the strategy that helped South Africa move forward and unify after the 1994 elections. This book also explains how spiral dynamics helped South Africa shift forward, thus giving the reader insight to how spiral dynamics works in practice.

This book will blow your mind and help you understand human development on a new and profound level.

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