Space Craft: The Concept of Clean Language Applied

Facilitated by author and founder of, Judy Reese, Space Craft: The Concept of Clean Language Applied, is a 2-part online training session for coaches and facilitators. A relatively simple concept, clean language, based on psychotherapy and counselling techniques, could help your clients explore their thoughts and feelings with a greater sense of awareness.

This is why the online course “Space Craft” is so fantastic and the best on the market. This course is not a deep lecture told by a monotone professor that will make you fall asleep. In contrary, it’s exciting, stimulating and easy.

Learn the basics and applications of clean language with 14 stimulating lectures and over four hours of content. In addition to this, there is also added commentary by Reese so that you can understand what goes through the mind of a coach or facilitator.

This course is a brilliant, interactive and engaging way to really learn the fundamentals and higher order aspects of Clean Language. If you want to become a communication guru, this product is for you.

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