Soft Skills Coaching Library

Imagine that you are a little kid again. Think of that feeling you get as you walk into a library on your quest to research dinosaurs or outer space. Remember that feeling as you inspect the contents of numerous books. That feeling of knowledge and abundance fills your heart. In today’s society it is difficult to experience that feeling.

Everything is virtual and immediate. As a coach it is even harder. Your learning experience is filled with countless manuals. Think of the hours it took you to create all those slides and content for your workshops. If this sounds like your experience then fear no more!

The workshop training library has over 200 courses for you to customise as your own. Mix and match these courses to your relevant theme and save the rest for later workshops. It is the ultimate workshop experience. Feel like that little kid in the library again as you explore the various courses this package has to offer. You’ll want to use everything!

The best part of this package is that you can even rebrand the content as your own. The Workshop Training Library provides the body. It is up to you to dress it up. The product comes with an instructor guide, PowerPoint slides, activates and exercises files, training manuals, flipcharts and notes and resources for quizzes and tests.

Unleash your inner artist as you create the perfect workshop or course for your clients. This is really a one in a kind product. You’ll not be left wanting.

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