Science of Happiness

Have you ever experienced that feeling of heavy black clouds hanging over your head? You get irritated when people say, “just lighten up, don’t be negative,” and you feel like it’s impossible to just snap out of it.

You’ve tried therapy but it’s a long hard process. The pills make you feel sick or zombie like. If you’ve ever experienced this or you’re just look looking for methods to enhance yourself, then positive psychology is for you.

The little extra of positive psychology

Traditional psychology focuses on making one feel okay, in other words stable. If happiness is rated on a scale from -10 to +10, traditional psychology would focus on taking you to about 1 or 2. Positive psychology is about taking you from 0 to 10. This is what the skillshare positive psychology teaches.

In a step by step methodology you’ll learn how to form habits that will change your daily life activities. Hence, in the larger scale, it will change your future for the better.

Enrich your life with this class

This course is the first of a four part series that focus on enriching your life. The lessons are simplistic and practical. There is not much abstract involved and the outcomes will display a significant change in your mental and emotional habits.

Fascinated by Barco Pobric, a master coach, consultant and positive psychology practitioner, this course will guide you along the steps to success. Pobric is the embodiment of the saying, “practice what you preach.” Therefore, he teaches with a smile on his face and good humour all along. In consequence, you’ll find yourself smiling the whole way through this course.

Keep it simple: smile

Pobric’s key statement is to smile. A simple smile, whether forced or genuine, will change your own mood as well as others’ around you. Creating a better environment for all involved. Many other key concepts are revealed in this course and non are more difficult to implement than by simply smiling.

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