Richard Branson: mentorship for entrepreneurs

It’s never too early to start as an entrepreneur. In fact, Richard Branson at the age of 16 when dropping out of school.  In the early 70s, he launched Virgin Records which should soon become the multinational Virgin Group.

Learn from the one who has developed over 100 brands

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the know-how to get it going, Richard Branson is your person to start with.

In his book, he shares his inspiring story. Even though it is an easy read, the book is captivating at each page. Moreover, it is applicable to multiple business sectors.

Why you should read this book

Becoming an entrepreneur can be stressful at times, especially in the age of high competition and over-stressed circumstances. Richard Branson offers a new model: he is a dynamic, hardworking, successful entrepreneur who lives life to the fullest.

Thus, Branson reminds of the joy of entrepreneurship –  who would not look for this? Moreover, Branson got an approach of productivity in a sane and enjoying way. He will push you to hard work and success, but with a positive attitude.

The book is especially supporting in struggling times as it comes full of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. In short, Branson presents a smart way to entrepreneurship.

Some important lessons to learn from him:
  1. Challenge the status quo
  2. Create value
  3. Pitching: simple, clear and memorable
  4. Be a self-motivator
  5. Dream big
  6. Your first year is all about surviving
  7. Investors bring more than just money

You will also learn how to avoid common start-up mistakes. The read explains how to stay on target with clear ideas about your product. He challenges you to stay realistic about costs. Further, Branson is a strong advocate of hiring the people you need – not only the ones you like.

Start reading and understanding

With this book, you will also learn how to develop yourself by developing your business. Thus, he gives advice on when it’s time to say goodbye to your position as CEO. As a successful entrepreneur, you need to be ready to adapt your role within your business constantly.

No matter who is you: the one just starting out, in need for the perfect road map for entrepreneurship. Or, on the other hand, the one being already on the road, but a little bit stuck.

If you want to learn more from a titan in his area, you should read more