Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds

Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds enhances your communication skills in business and other aspects of learning and teaching.

The book may seem basic and easy to read, however, it is in depth and details the tricky aspects of clean language while still maintaining its simplicity. With Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds, you don’t need a doctorate in psychology or coaching. All that is needed is an open mind and desire to learn.

It starts off by explaining what Clean Language is and paints a clear picture of how metaphors are fundamental in human perception. Throughout the book there are examples and exercises for the reader to try out, making the book fun and engaging.

Try all these techniques on your friends and impress them with your new skills. Though most of the examples used in this book are in the realm of psychology, it does go on to explain how to apply clean language into business, relationships and all other aspects of life.

You can really make this book work for you in any way you want. Furthermore, it has received all round praise by coaches, therapists and people of all professions.

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