Mary Barra and the Road to Power

Great mentors may not only be found in people you work one on one with. In contrast, they can be anyone who’s success story speaks for themselves. A great mentor is a person to respect, to learn from and to take as a role model.

Mary Barra is your perfect fit if you want to make it big in your company, maybe even against some odds.

The figures speak for her:

Having earned $22 million in 2017, Barra has the highest compensation of any leader of a Detroit Big Three automaker. Her company General Motors has been ranked as No. 1 on the 2018 Global Report on Gender Equality.

Mary Barra is an engineer and the first female CEO in the automotive industry

If you want to follow her example and see yourself as the next business leader in a specific field, then you should go for the book that describes her success: Road to Power. Within this read, you will examine the fine details of Barra’s management style. What is more, you can learn from her ability to relate to colleagues. Further you will discover the qualities and experiences that drove her to lead this male-dominated profession.

The book is an easy read, but profound on insights at the same time.

 5 valid lessons you can learn from Barra:
  1. Earn your position
  2. Be ambitious, but concentrate on doing your current job well
  3. Keep an eye on industry trends
  4. Trust your co-workers
  5. Embrace being the outsider in your industry

The read of Road to Power will not only captivate you if you are an engineer yourself. Moreover, it is perfect for any executive with high ambitions and a strong desire for self-improvement. Thus, the lessons in this book will get you to the top!

Furthermore, it has a special value for female executives as it displays a successful path on how to pioneer within a male dominated industry.

Road to Power will provide insight and encouragement to female engineers, students of business and anyone who aspires to overcome obstacles and achieve great things.

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