Manage your coaching business like a pro

Being a coach is a job by itself – you would know! 

It is about managing clients’ expectations and emotions. Plus, you are constantly confronted with input and on demand service. After all, the personal interaction may be just what you love about your profession.

On the other hand, there is administration to take care of. Professional coaching requires a professional set-up. If you are still looking for the perfect platform to start out with, The Coaches Console may just be the perfect solution. 

The Coaches Console 

The Coaches Console is a management tool for professional coaches. It is your online platform, combining a professional image, effective marketing and streamline scheduling of your business. This tool assists you in building your business from scratch. Further, there is finally no need anymore to become a pro in IT or hire your own website developer. The Coaches Console takes care of everything about your coaching business that is much needed for success. But now: no longer needed from yourself! 

What makes it special

This management tool is special because it offers you the whole package. With The Coaches Console, you are able to manage multiple aspects of your business.

All the services you can expect 

On the one hand, it is the interface your customers experience once they find your business.  This tool enables you to build an effective marketing website and a private client website alike. Customised e-mail messaging services allow you to get and stay in touch with clients and inform them about current offers. Updates and newsletter are equally possible. Furthermore, this tool offers you the perfect appointment management schedule that you can easily connect to your personal calendar. The Coaches Console also manages your client relationships and billing information. 

Is there any need this tool cannot fulfil?

Indeed, this is a valid question. To our understanding: there is not! From web platform over marketing activities, client communication to time and financial management: The Coaches Console got you covered! Plus: the mobile version allows you easy access from your phone – anywhere, anytime. 

Convinced? Manage your coaching business