How to make Good Habits

Positive psychology is a science. It is not some metaphysical concept created by some backyard self-proclaimed intellectual.

Over decades, this concept has been developed by leading researchers in the fields of studies of habits, neuroscience and psychology, both traditional and positive. However, to understand this course, you do not need to have a PhD in understanding the human brain or the workings of the deepest recesses of the mind.

All one needs is a will to change.

Presented by Barco Pobirc, a master of positive psychology, this course will change your outlook on life. Barco Pobric is the author of the best seller, “Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits” and was a presenter at the 4th world congress of positive psychology. Furthermore, he was vice president on a large Wall Street company and has been a consultant for the Big Five companies. This man really knows his stuff.

This course is based on understanding habits and how they affect our lives. In the concept of positive psychology, happiness is a habit. It is a learnt behavior. Pobric will take you through the seven secrets of positive psychology.

Even though they are top secret, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Oh I can do this”. Furthermore, the habits you learn will even alter your brain. Neuroscience has found that one can increase ones ‘happy chemicals’ through habits. The brain is an amazing tool. Just through will and determination you can change your brain structure. Strengthening neural passages and signals can help you become more productive and help you utilise your intelligence and memory in a more effective manner.

This course will give you a fundamental understanding of habits and walk you through the steps of how to change them and form new habits. Included in this course is a 30 minute free coaching session. You really get your money’s worth. Clearly presented and well organised, Pobric will give you examples and stories of his own success personally and externally with his clients.

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