Get your daily dose of motivation TED talks

A wise man once said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” 

Nothing goes further than keeping yourself motivated while striving for your goals. No matter if you have an important business project ahead or are in the course of entrepreneurship. Keep your eyes on the price! And in between: recharge some motivation. 

The best way to be successful is to surround yourself with other successful people. Thanks to TED talks, you can easily do so without even leaving the house. 

What is TED talks?

TED stands for technology – education – design. The website features talks of inspirational individuals worldwide. Learn from leaders in their field and get your daily dose of motivation at the same time! 

What to watch for motivation

Luckily, successful people know how successful people think. Therefore, you will find the perfect playlist for motivation in a nice package – and for free! 

Firstly, let behavioural economist Dan Ariely remind you what you love about your work. Spoiler: it’s not about money only! Then, learn from Dan Pink the puzzle of motivation. The career analyst will present you data from many successful individuals like you. Furthermore, you may learn about the optimism bias, the impact of money on your behaviour and more. Ready to make better choices? Sheena Iyenga will give you insight on the art of choosing.

Why is this for me? 

TED talks on motivation are your easy way to stay – or get – inspired. You can easily access it online from anywhere. The best about it: it’s for free! You receive input from multiple leaders in their field. All of them summarise their extensive knowledge in a short or medium length, entertaining talk. TED talks gives you the opportunity to have a glance into new fields. Or, what is more, even to learn more about your own. All of the talks are uplifting, fun and will leave you motivated to get it started! 

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