Embark on your digital nomad journey

Did you ever dream of leaving your 9 to 5 job behind?

To start out completely new, somewhere underneath palm trees, the sound of the ocean waves in the background a fuity cocktail in front of you, as you turn your eyes to your laptop and do the job you love?

Maybe it’s time to start thinking of finally coming to terms with living the digital nomad lifestyle!

That’s also what Kari DePhillips and Kelly Chase thought when they embarked on their own adventure. For 2 years, they have been sharing their experiences over Workationing.

Their website offers blog posts, podcasts, a Facebook network – and is the perfect fit for you if you are about to start out with this incredible adventure.

Everything can be so olverwhelming in the beginning: where to start, what to keep in mind. Further, deciding which job you actually want to do that also earns you enough money. Ans when exactly is the right time to quit the position you are in currently?

Workationing has got all the right answers for you.

The jungle of books and audio podcasts on digital nomads are not even to count. So why not starting out with one reliable source, easy to follow and still complex in the topics they cover.

With Kari and Kelly, you will get all the learnings, all the experiences and all the fun. For their great website, they have already been featured in Fast Company, USA Today and many more.

Some advice they share on how to actually start your digital nomad journey:
  1. Develop a skill that you can turn into a “work from anywhere” job
  2. Source “work from anywhere” jobs as side-hustle next to your current job until you are able to make enough money to quit
  3. Stay where you are for a while, and make sure what you’re doing is sustainable
  4. Make a plan (ideally with a new digital nomad friend)
  5. Make sure you actually like what you are doing as digital nomad, then quit your job
  6. Untie the rest of your life as much as possible
  7. Follow through: execution of all little research steps are the secret to success!

Workationing is your practical step to step guide to follow your dream and embark on the digital nomad life. It is on point, fun to read and still takes into account the complexity of this project. You feel like a companion on their journey – and they like your new digital friends.

Check their podcasts out here