Eat that frog: your time management expert advice

Starting out as an entrepreneur is an exciting and challenging process alike – you would know. Out of a sudden, a whole business is up to you – in structure, management and resources. 

Speaking of management: how are your days looking like currently? Are you still trying to fit in 36 hours of work in – well – 10 hours a day? 

Nothing to worry about this: time management reaches a whole other dimension once you are responsible for all of it. Therefore, nothing wrong with some input. After all, entrepreneurship is learning from leaders in order to be your best leader.

Eat that frog today

Enhance your time management skills with Brian Tracy. The author of multiple bestsellers on business success knows what he is talking about. More than 70 000 downloads of this lecture proof: his expertise is sought-after. 

What to expect 

This easy to follow book will teach you the most important principles in making the most out of your time. You will learn how to get more than in less time. Efficiency, after all, is one of the most important factors when starting out your venture.

What you will learn

This read will help you identifying your 3 most important tasks in your schedule. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate on value to your business. Furthermore, you will learn to overcome current enemies that may impede your personal productivity yet. What is more, the author will reveal 7 significant factors helping you to get more done in less time – than ever before! 

In a nutshell

Eat a frog is the perfect book if you are starting out your business and looking for a reputable guidance in time management. The read focuses especially on all business professionals, but is especially recommendable for entrepreneurs. With managing your time, you will step by step be able to manage an entire business successfully. 

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate but convince yourself. Moreover, surprise yourself, what you are actually able to achieve in one day! 

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