Disrupting business sectors with Tom Godwin

Nothing shows better the ever-changing nature of economy than disruption processes of the last 10 years. In a decade, nearly every sector in business went through enormous changes.

Whereas traditional companies would work with a pipeline structure, disruption introduced us to platform businesses. May it be Uber, Facebook, Airbnb or Tinder: the way we drive, connect, find a home or even a partner has changed.

Disruption is all about platforms these days

The success factor of platform businesses is the few resources they function with, in contrast to the large network they are able to reach. Research suggests that in 25 years, 50% of the American stock market index S&P 500’ income will come from platform businesses.

However, there are still large sectors to explore within platform businesses, especially the health and education sector. If you plan to get your foot in right there, you may want to check out Tom Godwin’s book Digital Darwinism.

Godwin: the person to trust when it comes to digital transformation

Godwin is the Head of Innovation at Zenith Media, a top global agency investing over $30bn per year on growing their clients’ businesses. He made himself also a name as public speaker and consultant on the future of marketing, media and digital transformation.

Digital Darwinism catches you with a review of the digital transformation within the area of technology so far. It explains how to create new value propositions and takes you by the hand from planning process to the start of your business.

The read convinces with practical advice: Godwin encourages you to break the rules and be different, but always under the scope of success. He will introduce to his 4 way model of change and how to maximise outcomes with the right leadership style.

Digital Darwinism is your allrounder

You may find a lot of books published on disruption these days, but this book got it all: the business background, the right principles and business insights on what to focus besides economic and marketing aspects.

Part of Godwin’s success lies in being people focused. In this book, you will learn how even within digital disruption, empathy plays a key role beyond the aspect of technology.

This book is a comprehensive read for disrupters and those who want to tap into the disruption process. It gives a better understanding of the context of disruption and is the perfect fit for any entrepreneur or CEO,  showing you the right way to go.

Find the book here