Digital disruption online course

Ready to disrupt normality a little bit? Or, why even think so small? Ready to disrupt some industries? Perfect – so are we. 

If you are still looking to get started with digital disruption, this online course may just be your answer.

IMD businss school: what you need to know

With IMD business school, you are in best hands if you consider yourself a leader, transformer or impact maker. IMD is Swiss based with global impact. Over 9000 executives choose the business school yearly to become the best in their fields. What is more: IMD has been awarded #1 worldwide in open programs no less than 7 years in a row. 

What to expect from this program

Digital disruption will be taught to you in an 8-weeks online course. Therefore, you can step by step apply the knowledge in your current field. This program will assist you in becoming a leader of the digital world!

Structure of this online course

The digital disruption course is divided in 8 units, one for each week. At first, you will learn about the current dynamics of digital disruption. In a second step, you learn how successful disrupters approach the disruption process. The third unit introduces a case study by which you can apply principles of disruptions to your own corporate or business. Unit four is all about agility: learn how to move fast, efficient and be one step ahead of competitors. Then, in unit five, it’s time to tackle your own skills. With support of a self-assessment, get all the key skills in disruption. Furthermore, you will learn digital strategy execution (unit 6) and business models of digital giants in their field (unit 7). The last week is dedicated to taking action: use all knowledge and skills acquired and transform your own business. 

Who the program is designed for

No matter your current industry or occupation: digital disruption will sooner or later affect all of us. Therefore, why not use first-mover advantage and leave your footprint within your business before anybody else does? The IMD digital disruption online course is for pioneers – for you, if your goal is to lead transformation in 8 weeks time! 

Lead this disruption now