Coaching for Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose

Some call this book the bible of the coaching industry, and they are right. This book is like a box of chocolates, not because you never know what you’re going to get, but because this book is filled with different wonderful techniques.

The grow model being one of the predominant ones. You’ll learn the advanced concepts of the GROW model as well as emotional intelligence, high performance leadership and psychosynthesis.

Written in a coaching style, the book, challenges the reader to question everything they know about coaching. This book is a gem for coaches but it is also useful for people looking to enhance their facilitation skills.

Though it may seem simple and easy this book digs deep into the earth of coaching and in a few pages manages to explain what whole novels may fail to do. It will be perfect for any coach who is looking to do more advanced work with their clients.

This book is up to date with all the hottest and best coaching methods. This book is perfect for coaches who want to stay ahead of the flock and do revolutionary work with their clients.

Never again feel like you don’t know how to help a clients. You will be taught to become a masterful coach in not only the GROW model but many, many, more concepts and models. Short and easy to read, it’s perfect to lend to clients so they can do some ‘homework’. Help your clients and yourself unlock their full potential.

I want to Grow