Advanced leadership: Become a Transformational Leader

Performance Consultants Online Class



Performance Consultants is an internationally renowned company for leadership development on a global scale. Based in London, New York and Beijing, their team of facilitators offers online and on-site training in 23 languages.

Co-Founder of Performance Consultants is Sir John Whitmore, a British author, racing driver and pioneer of the executive coaching industry. Whitmore won multiple awards, e.g. the President’s Award by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Transform with the best class

Is your goal is to improve your leadership skills and become a Transformational Leader? Then the program to choose is their Advanced Model “Transformation Awareness for Leaders and Coaches”. It offers a 3-day module, you can choose the single program or the whole series “Coaching for Performance”.

What you will take out of it

The program focuses on mastering the mind and developing social and emotional and intelligence. Furthermore, it tackles the power of acknowledgement and perfecting coaching skills. Practices of this class will lead participants to build trust, intimacy, accountability and high levels of empathy. The course also focuses on core techniques and skills of transformational leadership. Therefore, you can integrate these learnings directly  into your own organisation. With this program, you move your business to a place of sustained excellence and maximum performance.

You can order the program in-house, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.